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Five Ways I Make Road Trips Even Better

This year has without a doubt been the year of road trips for me. Almost every trip I’ve taken over the last few months has involved a lot of driving, but that’s a good thing. There’s nothing better in my opinion than experiencing a new, or even slightly familiar, destination on the open road. Not Read More

Power of Short Travel Experiences: Why Length Doesn’t Always Matter

If you spend any time perusing the digital travel space you will no doubt chance upon a multitude of posts about traveling slow or living like a local or blah, blah, blah. While the pieces are fine and sometimes even well written, they’re tone deaf. They’re written for people who have incredible amounts of time Read More

6 (Somewhat) Random Places I Think Everyone Should Visit

I try to share just about everything I see and do from the trips I go on, but sometimes a few places may fall through the digital cracks. Either I don’t write about them at all, or they don’t get the attention on my site that I think they deserve. There are a lot of Read More

Embracing the Power of Change To Follow Your Passions

There was a time on this site when I wrote about more motivational topics from time to time, but recently that has dropped off. Part of it is because I said what I needed to say, but I also haven’t felt very motivated myself lately, so writing something to help others was a struggle. Then Read More

Unfortunate Travel Tips For the Modern Era

There is no shortage of travel tips available online, from the obvious to the downright absurd. Every writer, blogger and so-called influencer feels the almost instinctual urge to offer up his or her hardly-ever-unique words of wisdom. Count me in that mix, I’ve done it more times than I can count but I like to Read More

Travel & The Power of Celebrating Special Moments

We all travel for different reasons, whether it’s a simple vacation, an epic trek or, very often, to celebrate something. Birthdays and anniversaries are the normal ways many people use travel to celebrate moments in our lives, but they aren’t the only ways travel and celebration are inextricably linked. Looking back at my own travels, Read More

Some Of My Favorite 2016 Travel Experiences (So Far)

Reflection in life is important, it’s an opportunity to learn from the past and draw lessons as we move forward. This is also true within the travel context, and this act of pondering on past trips and, more importantly, experiences, is important I think in being a better and more well-rounded traveler. With all of Read More

A Few Things The Rest of the World Should Know About Americans

We live in trying times. Terror, uncertainty and fear, these seem to be the hallmarks of the first couple decades of the 21st century. This of course isn’t unique in the history of man, countless times people have thought the events in the world so bad, that it must surely tear itself apart. Well, it Read More

Trials and Habits of the Highly Sensitive Traveler

It seems nowadays everyone has a disorder or something identifiably wrong with them, but maybe that’s just because we’re finally recognizing as a society the nuances of mental health and that there isn’t a crazy versus not-crazy red line anymore. We are all unique individuals, but amongst us is a large group of folks (myself Read More

Road Trips: My Favorite Drives Around The World

Although I’m a luxury traveler and flying in Business Class or checking into some of the world’s top hotels is something I truly enjoy, my favorite style of travel is the road trip. Maybe it’s the American in me, but there really is nothing better than exploring a new place with the unbridled freedom that Read More

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