Month: April 2019

Why a 65-Degree Day Feels Cold in Fall but Warm in Spring

When seasons change, our bodies know to react. But we can perceive the same thermometer reading differently at various times throughout the year. With temperatures set to drop in the coming weeks, you might be surprised to perceive a moderate, 65-degree day as chilly, whereas the same scenario in the spring would feel positively tropical. Read More

Not a Heart of Ice

Mark Marley • April 2, 2019 Not a Heart of Ice I recently realized that when I say “ice,” most people don’t understand what I mean. I am a planetary scientist, and I have studied (among other things) the ice giants of our solar system: Uranus and Neptune. What do you think “ice giant” means? It does Read More

Crow about the success of bird brains.

The jackdaws are celebrating promotion. Behind the ravens who come first on goal difference, both will be in the Premier League of animal intelligence this year. I apologise for the sporting reference, but the appreciation of other species cognition has often been beyond the human species. This paper puts things right on behalf of the Read More

First Science Results from Hayabusa2 Mission

Emily Lakdawalla • April 1, 2019 First Science Results from Hayabusa2 Mission What a great week in Houston! With three missions reporting first science results, the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, and a host of ongoing science from across the solar system, it was intense and fun. For me, the most exciting Read More

The Healing Power of Hospital Dogs

Two new full-time hospital dogs at U-M are calming nervous patients and bringing smiles to visitors and staff.   Anxious about having a catheter removed after surgery, the boy resisted the uncomfortable procedure. “I need Denver,” he said, fighting back tears. SEE ALSO: Pokémon Go Makes Children’s Hospital ‘More of a Magical Place’ As soon Read More

Echidnas rule the flames(forest fires)

Here is the short beaked echidna. If not a star, this is surely a spark in the terrible problems that trouble people and animals in the face of such disasters. Echidna image; Credit: © Shutterstock Heterothermic mammals use a kind of sleep called torpor to survive hot or cold conditions, or simply food shortage. The Read More

What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Exercising? [Infographic]

Miss a workout? No big deal. But two weeks away from the gym can mean declines in strength, stamina and health, even for the ultrafit. When it comes to exercise, consistency is key. Even for the fittest among us, a few weeks away from training can result in rapid declines in strength, aerobic capacity and Read More

History laid bare by genetics.

Map A indicates when sea levels were lowest at the LGM. Human populations could migrate eastward and to the south but from the Bering Land Bridge, retreat was impossible further than the Aleutian Ice belt (shown by arrows.) In Map B, around 17000 years ago, the Pacific coastal route opened up by the ice allowed Read More

Respectful Travel & Why It’s More Important Than You May Think

A few months ago, a couple of guys (henceforth referred to as morons) were arrested in Thailand for undressing in front of a sacred temple. They were duly detained, held for a week and then promptly deported. They had faced jail time and, frankly, they probably should have been more severely punished. Anyone who has Read More

Why Public Health Worries Don’t Have to Ruin Your Cookie Dough

A U-M public health expert responds to the recent FDA notice on the dangers of raw cookie dough. The following three statements are all true: Eating cookie dough can be dangerous, even after we’ve dealt with any raw eggs. I am a public health faculty member and an expert in health risk communication. My family Read More

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