Month: March 2019

Crowdfunding the Next Medical Breakthrough

People have been crowdfunding for years. Now researchers are doing the same, so you can contribute ideas and money to the studies that matter to you. Do you wish more research could be done about a certain health condition? Thanks to a new tool, you can gather your network and make it happen. The University Read More

Misconceptions About Travel Experiences: What’s True and What Isn’t?

I first started out to write something with a title like “Fact vs. Fiction,” but almost immediately I realized that even in addressing some common misconceptions about travel and travel experiences, ultimately it’s just my opinion. However, there exist I believe certain travel experiences around the world which are perhaps misunderstood by some people. Whether Read More

Philippine eagle helped by Whitley Award

The most magnificent eagle left in the world has been having a hard time of it. The conservation effort requires a recruitment of hearts and minds, as the national symbol of the Philippines becomes more and more endangered. The Whitley Awards often make a difference, so we can look forward to an improvement in this Read More

Monograms & Independent Travel: Lessons From My Second Experience

I’ve often quoted the maxim; “There is nothing new in the world,” because it’s mostly true. Nearly everything is derivative of something else, and that’s certainly true in the world of travel. That’s why when I worked with independent travel company earlier this year, I was intrigued. They didn’t fit into any category neatly. There’s Read More

Hands-Only CPR: The Michigan Way

Help celebrate National CPR and AED Awareness Week by learning how to save a life. Read More

Gibbon families grow larger with bi-female groups.

These two mature females are the ksy to success in the critically-endangered cao vit gibbons. Their bi-female groups enable this and several other crested gibbon species to enlarge the typical small gibbon family by up to 9 individuals. Nomascus nasutus image; Credit: Chao Zhao The sociable apes are full of species with permanent groups made Read More

My Favorite Bucket List Transportation Experiences

I’m a travel geek and at the heart of that geekery is transportation. There’s nothing better than a great flight, train ride or other fun way to see the world. But amongst the many transportation options we have to experience the world, there are a few that rise above the rest. They are special, they Read More

Open Love Letter to the Caribbean & Why Visiting is Important

Yesterday, I read a short sentence that made me sad. In a listing of hotels and resorts and how they fared through Hurricane Irma it read – Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort: Marriott International has advised the resort is closed until further notice. Of course it came as no surprise to read Read More

The owl and the butterfly – and mimicry

The owl butterflies mimic owl eyes very efficiently to our eyes. Do they frighten other birds off by shocking them with a flash, or do the 2 hindwing eyes present a mimetic effect to their predators? ; Credit: © Shutterstock Owl butterfly image Sebastiano De Bona, Janne K. Valkonen, Andre´s Lo´pez-Sepulcre1 and Johanna Mappes have Read More

How Diet Influences Mood and Mental Health

For May’s Mental Health Month, an assistant research professor with U-M explains why it is important to think of mental health in a broader way. You already know that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is beneficial to your body — but just how important are these foods for your mind? Simon Evans, Ph.D., assistant Read More

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