Month: January 2019

9 Essential Lawn Mower Safety Rules to Know Before You Mow

Don’t let sharp blades or flying debris dampen your summer with a trip to the emergency room. Follow these safety guidelines instead. One of the realities of warming weather is that lawn care season is now upon us. With the emergence of lawn mowers from storage, however, comes an increase in lawn mower injuries. MORE Read More

Naked, unafraid mole rats and longevity

The mole rat has always caught our imagination. This artificial tunnel suits this individual very well: where’s the queen today? Naked mole rat image; Credit: © Shutterstock The naked mole rat, Heterocephalus glaber, has a reputation, and a very poor image. The species lives in a habitat in East Africa that screams out for cooperation Read More

Contenders Look to Stake Their Claim in Superfly 3 Tripleheader

news bites. The latest piece of content just submitted by Inside HBO Boxing. Quite possibly 1 of the best suppliers of free written content you can find. Photo: Ed Mulholland By Nat Gottlieb In the loaded super flyweight division, all roads to the top lead through a Thai roadblock named Srisaket Sor Rungvisai. Juan Francisco Read More

After ’13 Reasons Why,’ a Spotlight on Teen Suicide Warning Signs

A popular yet controversial Netflix show highlights a serious issue. A Michigan Medicine clinical social worker offers advice to help identify a person at risk. The new Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” follows a high school student who takes her life by suicide after a series of traumatic but common teenage events. The main character, Read More

Waterbirds respond to global warming.

What a lovely name for a creature! The smew may not be familiar, but using its data to second-guess the likely needs of waterfowl in the whole of Europe could prove a boon to those who want to protect our wildlife from ever-present dangers and those that will be forthcoming.Smew drake image; Credit: © Shutterstock Read More

Castrol Activ Champions: Martin Crowe

breaking news. Cricbuzz provided the next content. I anticipate checking out one of their videos because they’re remarkably illuminating. You are going to find it helpful. Remembered for his inspirational leadership at the 1992 World Cup, Martin Crowe continues to live on in the heart of cricket lovers, worldwide. Harsha Bhogle pays a special tribute Read More

Why Your Medicine Cabinet Needs a ‘Spring Cleaning’ This Saturday

A national event encouraging prescription drug disposal returns this weekend. A Michigan Medicine physician explains the benefits of cabinet cleanses and safe storage. Medications are a wonder of modern science. Although they can be invaluable in treating a wide variety of medical conditions and symptoms, they can also be harmful if misused, regardless of whether the Read More

Life on Europe

When they made the Cretaceous fauna, they created lands of monsters and tiny birds, mammals and newts, a complete set of ecosystems that manage to feed our imaginations with fodder of outrageous limits. This is a European counter to the classic American dinosaur collection, because, for sure, these top predator Carcharodontosaurus species ruled the Earth Read More

Japanese GP: Hamilton completes Suzuka F1 practice clean sweep in FP3

news & views. Fresh post freshly submitted by Autosport. Probably 1 of the most reliable suppliers of website content on the Internet. Get unlimited access You have only 5 articles remaining to view this month. Lewis Hamilton continued his domination ahead of Japanese Grand Prix qualifying as the final Formula 1 practice session at Suzuka Read More

Fanged frogs and live-bearing feats.

The tadpoles that emerged from a pregnant female and the frog itself are shown here, but it is difficult to work out how long the tadpoles remain in the mother in nature.Fanged frog image Credit: © 2014 Iskandar et al One of the most incredible new vertebrates last year was the Sulawesi fanged frog, Limnonectes Read More

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